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Endorsements for Creativity in the Lions' Den

Praise for Creativity in the Lions' Den . . .

Creativity in the Lions' Den: Releasing Our Children from Violence is an important work for our time. With the end of the Cold War we should be bold enough to envision creating a world at peace. But as Dr. Martin Luther King said, peace is more than the absence of war; it is the absence of conditions that give rise to violence; it is the presence of justice. Using the humanities to release humanity's resources - bringing out the Artist in Everyone-to pursue justice and non-violence is a powerful tool. Providing mechanisms for our children for their visionary realization can make them the leaders for justice, the builders of peace that will change our world in the next century. Creativity in the Lions' Den helps pioneer this path.

Ronald V. Dellums
Member of the US Congress 1971-1998 and Chairman, Armed Services Committee 1973-1975. President, Healthcare International Management Company:


While Creativity in the Lions' Den provides a compelling peace empowerment process for the Artist in Everyone, it is equally practical in presenting conflict resolution skills. This inspiring book has ignited into action vital community peace processes.

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.
Cultural Anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way  and Signs of Life


As the new millennium opens with the United Nations' "Decade for a Culture of Non-Violence," it is wonderful to see "the Artist in Everyone" endorsed and valued. In Creativity in the Lions' Den, Carolyna Marks explores this part of us as Peacemaker. Explaining clearly and simply how creativity is accessible to everyone, she points out that every creative act involves opposites and differences. For example, you can take wet paint to dry tile, you can take color into an empty space. Hundreds of times a day we unify our diverse thoughts, feelings and ideas in new experiences. The Peace Empowerment Process offers an understanding of the breadth and depth of emotions along with Peace Choices that give us the ability to express rather than react. The wisdom of nonviolence is possible through resources that can unite humanity. This book is a laser beam of light for healing the disease of violence.

Maxine Hong Kingston
Prize-winning novelist, author of Woman Warrior, China Men, Tripmaster Monkey, and Hawaii One Summer
In 1998 she received the National Humanities Medal at the White House.


The Peace Empowerment Process is one answer to everyone's question: "How can we make our world a safer, more peaceful place?”
The WWFP was an experience that fostered love, peace, and a deeper understanding of human faith in our community.  Promoting the power of our God-given personal creativity ignites everyone who is involved.  Our section of the wall stands as a living testimony to that power.

Whitney Gilbert Ferré
CEO for the Nashville Section of the WWFP & Owner, The Creative Fitness Center