Ennerdale High School

Near Johannesburg, South Africa

These tiles were painted at McClymonds Highschool in Oakland for Ennerdale Highschool near Johanesburg South Africa. Of the 300 youth who painted tiles from McClymonds Highschool, seven of them went to Johannesburg South Africa to teach the Peace Empowerment Process to 300 students at Ennerdale Highschool. Ennerdale is a school that includes vocational programs as well as academic. The Ennerdale kids painted many of the tiles on the web as well as many that they sent back to Oakland from their school. The wall was totally built by the students at Ennerdale
Highschool. We look forward to the wall at McClymonds that will be installed by June or September.

For a history of this project, the trip to South Africa, and photos of the trip and participants, click here.