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People of WWFP

WWFP founder and trainer, Carolyna Marks is a professional artist, sculptor, and teacher. Her work draws on mythic, sacred, and elemental symbols to release and the creative process embedded in all human experience. She lives in Berkeley, California when she is not traveling the world over to help WWFP Core volunteers in local communities establish their own section of the World Wall for Peace. Contact her at WWFP.

Most of the work of creating each segment of the World Wall for Peace is done by a Peace Wall Core group in the community constructing the segment. WWFP provides support, materials, guidance, etc. - see How to Build Your Own Peace Wall for details.

Many internationally recognized dignitaries who support the cause of peace have participated in and endorsed the activities of the World Wall for Peace.

The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson with Carolyna Marks (top right) at the dedication of the Berkeley Peace Wall, April 7, 1989.


The Berkeley Peace Wall is “free art that dreams and hopes.  By the power of its hopes,it lifts a nation to higher heights.  It is art without the walls of fear, without the walls of prejudice.  Here is a wall that protects, a wall that reminds, a wall that defends.”

The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, April 7, 1989


Carolyna Marks with Bishop Desmond Tutu at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (XXX when, occasion???)


Tiles painted by Whoopi Goldberg for the World Wall for Peace Segment in Jack London Square, Oakland

Board of Directors of WWFP

Carolyna Marks, Founder-Director
Ray Gatchalian, Treasurer, Captain Oakland Fire Dept
Kappi Hommert, Owner, Kappi Hommert & Associates
Morrie Turner, Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist of "We Pals"
Vincent Reyes, Chairman, Oakland Human Rights Commission, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Cultural Coordinator, Alameda County

Community Energy Organizers

Sarah Dickman, Jerusalem
Barbara Wenger, San Francisco Hayes Valley Project
Whitney Gilbert, Nashville, Creative Fitness Center
Stuart Richardson, Teacher, Fruitvale Elementary
The Reverend Alan Laird-Artist, Community Energy Organizer
Betsy Morris, San Pablo Avenue Peacemakers
Debbie Arthur, Coordinator, Domestic Violence Prevention Partnership-Berkeley

Advisory Council

Dr. Angeles Arrien, Cross-Cultural Anthropologist
Maxine Hong Kingston, Author
Cielo Ajero-Belcher, Bookkeeper
Shoshana Alexander-Author, Editor
Kym Thomas, Graphic Artist
David Pontecorvo, East Bay Community Foundation
Larry Perry, Conflict Resolution Management
Wes Nicholson, Mt. Diablo Peace Center
Patricia Ravarra, Fiber Artist
Susan Felix, Director UA Housing Project
Clementine Barfield, Director, Save Our Sons & Daughters Detroit Crime Prevention Program
Theresa Navarro, Office of Economic Development
Matthew Lovett, Branch Manager, Bank of America
Jose Aredondo, Executive Director, Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation, Oakland
Rama J. Vernon, Center For Int'l Dialogue
Dean Calhoun, Executive Director, Teens on Target
Eleanor Salkind, Women for Peace
Ignacio De La Fuentes, Oakland City Council Member
Alton Jelks, Asst. to Mayor of Oakland
Royal Yates, Ceramic business owner, Art Tile, Oakland
Adrianna Diaz, Creation Spirituality University
Bea Culver, Board Member, Women of Vision in Action
Susan & Luis Cervantes, Precita Eyes S.F. Mural Center
Marie Ueda, Photojournalist & author
Jennifer Jones, Artist