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Jack London Square

Jack London Square is a district along the Oakland waterfront containing shops, restaurants, and other attractions.  It is named after Jack London, who frequented establishments in this area. For information on visiting Jack London Square, see their web site .

Jack London Square is now home to four segments of the World Wall for Peace, located on the walls of Barnes and Noble bookstore. Click on the overview photo of each below to see more detailed photos of each segment.

The first two segments are installed adjacent to each other on the same wall.  The first is the “United Nations Children’s Peace Wall,” completed in 1995. The second is entitled “Peacemaking: the Power of Nonviolence,” dedicated in July, 1997.  The photo on the WWFP home page is an overview of a section of this wall.


The third segment at Jack London Square is entitled “Our Work Place, a Peace Place,” dedicated in January 1999.


The fourth segment  is entitled “Our Family and Friends, a Reservoir of Peace,” dedicated in January 1999.