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Individually Painted Tiles

Tiles for the Peace Walls are 6”x6” tiles individually hand-painted by children and adults from the community where the wall is being built, either at special tile-painting events, or at other community events.

No experience is required - many tiles have been painted by people who start out proclaiming “I’m not an artist - I can’t paint!” The paints are easy to work with, and an initial design can be drawn on the tile in pencil - the pencil marks burn off in the firing process.

In addition to individual tiles and small groups of tiles, the group organizing the wall usually selects one or more community artists to paint larger “soloist” groupings of tiles which serve as centerpieces for the wall, and which may represent one or more of the special themes of the wall.

Examples of some individual tiles:

Butterfly Tile 72 25.JPG

Butterfly Tiles from Berkeley Wall