About World Wall for Peace

The mission of World Wall For Peace (WWFP) is to teach how creativity can prevent conflict and promote nonviolence through the construction of community-based art projects that enrich the artist in everyone. Our history describes how we got started, and how we've become what we are today.

WWFP facilitates the building of Peace Walls, made of individually painted tiles, in concerned communities throughout the world. Each community's Peace Wall is a collective effort of community building and bonding. WWFP is establishing a global network of Peace Walls as a tool to promote nonviolence and to foster individual and community wellness and creativity. See our Photo Gallery of photos and links to over 31 Peace Walls in 4 countries around the world.

Our latest project involves an exchange between students in Oakland, CA, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Find out more about this project, and how you can help make it happen.

At the heart of WWFP in each community is a group of leaders (the Peace Wall Core) who learn how peace can be empowering (the Peace Empowerment Process, or PEP) and who then teach this process to other members of the community. The Core members lead tile paintings, do community outreach and networking, and create opportunities for teamwork and harmony. All the participants learn that the heart of every creative act involves opposites and differences as they apply wet paint to dry tile, color to whiteness, and thoughts, feelings, and experiences to the canvas of life.

Creativity in the Lions' Den, a book by Carolyna Marks, the founder of WWFP, describes the Peace Empowerment Process, how the Artist in Everyone has the power to create peace in the world, and the history of WWFP.

Learn how you can bring a wall to your community, and how we can help! Community groups around the world have already done it.

The World Wall for Peace is a nonprofit organization with many years of experience in the development of Peace Walls, the teaching of the Peace Empowerment Process, and Creativity Development Counseling. World Wall for Peace offers professional assistance for communities seeking to create their own section of the World Wall. Our services include:

  • Speakers
  • Provision of Peace Wall Kits including books, video, teaching guide, Peace Wall Core manual.
  • Peace Wall Core trainings for core volunteers including regular follow-ups until the Wall is dedicated
  • Registration of community walls
  • Ongoing consultation and support
  • Publications

Contact us for more information about building a Peace Wall, teaching the Peace Empowerment Process, or to purchase materials.